Because of Covid, You Need To Up Your Online Marketing Game

Why has covid changed the way we grow our businesses?

Covid has changed the way we work. Everything is increasingly becoming online, forcing small businesses and shops to change their business strategy. With companies worldwide upping their online marketing game, it’s imperative to stay ahead and not lose out.  

Utilising a digital marketing agency/partner will take the stress away from learning a new method of business/communication. Let us take the stress away. 

Covid has accelerated online business and the need for digital marketing. 

With more businesses utilising digital platforms to grow their business, the need for digital marketing to get noticed is ever greater. Needing a presence online has been trending upwards for some time, and now has accelerated faster due to the effects of Covid. 

36% of people do their weekly shop online, which has increased by 8% since the pandemic (selligent). Are you missing out on business by not being online?

49% of people say they shop online more than they did before covid hit (bazzarvoice).

A digital marketing agency/partner vs having an in-house marketing team. 

You may be sat there wondering what the best option for you is. When looking at ways to implement your online marketing, you will have three options:

1. Learn and do it yourself. Even though this will take time away from growing your business, it is the cheapest option.

2. Employ an in house person or team, solving your time issue, but will incur the costs and paperwork of employing someone.

3. Hire a digital marketing agency to boost your brand and essentially give you an entire marketing team for less than one full-time employee.

3 Reasons you NEED to up your digital marketing strategy.

1. More businesses operate online, including your competitors!

2. Brands are even savvier with their online marketing now.

3. The quicker you start, the quicker you will succeed.

Want to have a no-obligation chat about getting noticed online? 

Hopefully the answer is yes! Seriously though, we hope you found this article helpful for your business. If you did, please do share it with your own network or a business that will find it useful. At eGravitas, we just want to help people get the most out of their online presence and marketing budget with the end goal of growth and success. 


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