How to find Keywords for SEO for FREE.


Doing keyword research is the start of every single SEO strategy, this is because the whole point of it is to optimise your content for people searching for a keyword phrase or a variant of that keyword.

Carrying out keyword research doesn’t just involve finding a bunch of keywords to include within your content but also what type of content you should be creating for that keyword set and how to use them.

Let’s focus on the keyword gathering step of this process and how you can find keywords without spending a penny!

There are hundreds of keyword-finding tools out there on the web and many of them have free options or cost a lot of money each month to get to the good stuff.

If you’re a small business or just starting out in the world of SEO then you’ll want to save everything you can and invest wisely to make sure your business or brand can grow and not flop when you run out of capital.

Here are our 3 favourite ways to find great keywords for free!


Neil Patel the online SEO guru recently obtained the keyword tool Answer The Public in 2022.

I bet because he knows how powerful this tool is!

You simply put in a seed keyword, and it returns keyword search result suggestions straight from Google itself. These keywords are a great indicator of what people are actually searching for.

Typically you will have a huge list of keywords revolving around different question types, as all seasoned SEO experts know, people going to google mostly are looking for an answer to a question.

It displays the keyword suggestions in a beautiful visual diagram but if you prefer you can export the results into Excel or Google Sheets as one big list to analyse.

You get two free searches per day, but the amount of data this can provide should be more than enough to get you started.

answer-the-public keyword research tool screenshot

Keywords Everywhere.

This free Google Chrome (and Firefox) extension gives you suggestions for keywords while you are searching on Google.

With extra data like the trend for the searched keyword over time you can see how much that keyword is being searched for to help you get up ahead of trends.

keyword data from google extension

It gives a ton of other suggested keywords and my personal favourite, the long-tail keywords. These are great keywords to target as they will have lower competition and are easier to rank high for, especially if your website is new or you haven’t got a lot of traffic.

longtail keyword data from google extension


Seeing what your website is already ranking for and how well it’s ranking is a great way to re-optimise to move a page further up the search results.

If you had a page targeting the keyword word “Coffee House in London” but found there to be more impressions and interest in the keyword “Coffee Shop in London” then change the headings, title tag and keywords throughout the body of that page and 9 times out of 10 you’ll see an increase in your rank and subsequently a boost in your traffic to that page.

This type of keyword research differs from the other tools as you are looking at data that is specific to your own site making it a more personal and free keyword research tool.

When we have used these methods we see great improvements in traffic.


There are loads of other great free keyword tools to use, but if you are just starting out using these three to create your first few optimised pages and enjoy the results (without spending anything).

If you don’t have the time to spend hours on keyword research, developing content and making changes to optimise your site, our marketing team can help. Book in a free call to see what we can do for you 😊.

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