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Drive traffic to your website
with rocket powered
search engine optimisation.

SEO optimises online content such as a website, blog, or social page to (increase the rank of the content on search results). This drives more traffic to your site with the goal to either:

  • Increase sales 
  • Boost leads 
  • Gain more followers 
  • Get more views on your content 
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Our Kick-ass SEO service.

At eGravitas, our aim is to rank your pages on Google for lots of different keywords (giving you) overall better impressions, higher traffic, and increased conversations. Therefore, (your business will receive) a boost in sales, leads, followers and views on your content – whichever your goal may be!

What should you expect? Increased traffic to your site and you will see your pages rank higher for related keywords!

As we optimise your current content and fill any content gaps you have, your site will rank higher for even more keyword terms. 

Increase website traffic with search engine optimisation

Increase Website Traffic

Great, you have a website but need more traffic? Getting organic traffic to your website is one of the hardest challenges to overcome. Our SEO service takes the hassle away.

Get more leads with SEO

More Quality Leads

Driving the right traffic to your website, whether that’s customers or clients, is key to obtaining solid leads.
help increase online sales with SEO

Boost Online Sales

SEO increases organic traffic and can be the best marketing tool to use if you are on a tight budget, as it has one of the highest conversion rates.

Get Free SEO Audit

Not sure what you’re doing wrong? Our free audit will highlight where you need to make improvements to boost your organic traffic.

Following the audit, we will provide a free quotation for when you need eGravitas to take the hassle away and deliver your organic traffic results.

SEO reviews

Proof is in the pudding.

Photography Agency

”As a business owner for over 14 years now I’ve used a few companies to help my website. It always felt like going to a garage mechanic – they would look ‘under the hood’, take a sharp intake of breath, tut a few times and then blind me with wording I didn’t understand. After all these previous experiences I never felt like my website had improved.
From our first conversation, Jed made gave me confidence that this experience would be different. He and his team kept in good contact with me throughout the process, and provided me with a full review after 30 days. As a result of their work my organic traffic has increased 38% in that time.
I will continue to use eGravitas for regular ‘servicing’ of my website and would have no hesitation in recommending them..”

UK Based, worldwide SEO support.

As a team, we have had the pleasure of working with businesses all over the world from Australia, Florida, France, Belgium, Ireland and more. Delivering a transparent SEO service that gets our partner’s results.

UK based SEO support service
Free SEO tips

Just Need some SEO tips?

We love to give away our secrets to help other businesses & brands thrive. For the local business, we wrote a blog on how search engine optimisation can help your local business.

We also talk about other marketing tips covering social media, building websites and Google Ads


Simon is our SEO expert. He always goes above and beyond to ensure he delivers, taking clients’ websites to the stratosphere.

Simon Harris
SEO Expert
Cas ensures your brand is showcased the way it deserves, paying close attention to how your products/services are presented.
Cas Ferreira
Blog Writer

Jed, the founder of eGravitas, has a strong desire not only to succeed but also to fully deliver on his commitments to our clients.

Jed Marshall

Partner with eGravitas.

As a team, we thrive on a close partnership with our clients. You have the opportunity to partner with a kick-ass marketing team to skyrocket your business. Book a call with us…go on!