Should I outsource my digital marketing?


It can be a difficult decision for businesses of all sizes on whether to outsource digital marketing to an external team or to hire in-house. Both come with their own benefits but hiring an external agency can free up your company’s time, resources, and budget.

But what are we referring to when we talk about digital marketing?

As you may know, these essential processes are time-consuming and require extensive knowledge.

How to deal with you’re your digital marketing requirements: 

  • Keep or build your marketing team in-house.
  • Outsource all your marketing needs to a marketing team.
  • A combination of both of the above.

What are the benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing?

1. A cheaper option for a lot of companies! Marketing agencies take care of all or a selected number of your marketing needs. This is a lot cheaper than hiring individual freelancers or hiring people in-house. When you hire an agency, you have no employee costs, no ‘on the job training’ and no set up costs. The benefit is you don’t need to deal with pensions, holiday pay or office space. Finally, marketing agencies know how to maximise your budget and get the most out of your marketing.

2. Keeping up to date with algorithms, strategies, and tactics. In this constantly evolving digital world, it can be hard to stay up to date with trends and marketing tactics. That’s what we do best! You hire experienced people to take care of what they specialise in, ensuring your marketing is the most relevant and best suited for your company.

You also don’t have to hire the top talent with high salaries and initiatives, our team has all the expertise and experience you need!  

3. Gain a fresh perspective, opening your mindset. Having external guidance and support can bring other opportunities as well! A fresh perspective can help to improve and build your strategy, resulting in more customers and increasing the growth of your business. Having all marketing in-house can sometimes lead to biased behaviour, and innovation that employees have tried to fit into the company’s current strategy and tools. Whereas an agency uses the best tools and technology that will drive results in the best way for your business, without restriction.

4. Lack of time and resources. When deadlines are tight and employees are having to push back tasks, it is almost always marketing that takes the hit. Don’t let lack of time and resources affect your businesses growth. By handing over digital marketing to a trusted team, you are taking this off your in-house teams. Digital marketing teams will handle it all consistently and in a more productive way, ensuring that you continue to build your brand, even when things are busy in-house. There is always that period during holidays that your staff are all asking for annual leave at the same time. By outsourcing your marketing, it means there is never a gap in management or content, which produces a consistent stream of marketing and thus, consistent results.

5. Getting access to the latest technology. By hiring an agency, you don’t have to invest in all the technology and tools. The agency has already invested into this and has everything you need already set up. You not only don’t have to invest into software or tech, you also don’t need to manage it. A lot of tech can become outdated after only a few years, and when you get to that point, you will then need to invest money again to get the next new thing! By hiring an agency that handles all of this for you, you make the most out of your marketing budget!

Need eGravitas to blast your brand out of this world? 

These are just a few of the many reasons why outsourcing your digital marketing can benefit your business and internal team!

If you are looking for a trusted team to skyrocket your business, get in touch with us at eGravitas!

We can take away the stress and hassle of your digital marketing. Whether you want to outsource all your digital marketing or just a few aspects such as website development or social media management, we can meet your unique needs.


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